Activities for Youth Groups to Do During Summer


You should have a set of activities to do with your youth group during summer. There are various activities you can organize to make it easier for the members to continue with ministry. However, you need to plan well to have successful activities for your youth group. If you plan the activities early enough, they are more likely to turn out successful.

The activities you plan do not need to be expensive for the youth group members to have fun. There are a couple of simple, cheap yet effective ideas you can opt for. Here are simple yet effective summer ideas that will be great for your youth group. Find out for further details on mission trip for teens right here.

Organize a Food Drive
One of the activities you can do with your mission team is host a food drive and volunteer at a food pantry. The need for food in food pantries is even greater during the summer. The youth group can connect with the larger church body by hosting food drive. This activity will make the members aware of the needs of the community. It will also be great if members can volunteer at a food pantry. You can find food banks and food pantries in your area by searching online. Inquire about volunteer opportunities at the food pantries that you feel will be a good fit for your youth group. Read more great facts on mission trips for high school students, click here.

Host a Corn-hole Tournament
You can get your youth mission group message reach many people without spending a lot by hosting a corn-hole tournament. The best thing about the activity is that no one has to be extremely athletic to enjoy the game. You can take things further by making the corn-themed night. You can grill meat and roast corn at night while ministering to the people present. This event will be perfect for the community to know more about your group’s mission.

Wash Cars
Another activity that can be perfect for your youth group during summer is washing cars. You can serve the community by washing cars for free for church members or your local community. People drive a lot during summer time and hence they prefer their cars shining. The community will be encouraged to see that your group is washing cars for them without expecting anything in return. You can use this opportunity to let the community know about your group and what your mission is.

Volunteer at Shelters
Volunteer to serve meals or clean at homeless organizations in your area. Even if there is no homeless organization in your city, there is a nonprofit that will appreciate your help. You can connect with the outside world by volunteering your skills with such organizations. Please click this link for more info.


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